Friday, April 30, 2010

What a Drag

The bad news is drag star and fellow Detroit gal Sweet has been hospitalized in recent weeks and, like many Americans, does not have health insurance. The good news Sweetie is on the mend and is loved by many, a number of whom threw a wonderful benefit for her on Wednesday night at Elevate. I happened to be in the neighborhood and stopped by to wish the voluptuous blonde well. And then stayed around for a bit of the big Pink Cross fundraiser, which featured performances by the likes of Peppermint, Julie Atlas Muz, Dina Marie, Greg Scarnici, Cherry Jubilee, Bridgett Everett, Tigger! David Ilku, Adam Klesh, Princess Diandra, Go-Go Harder, Lady Bunny, Poison Eve, Brandall the Magic Lady and Randy Jones. Cherry was a delight before the show. And Randy -- who was admittedly "well-lubricated after having access to four open bars" earlier in the night -- was a charmer. But it was hostess Linda Simpson who had me in stitches all night. (Now I know why I don't usually like drag queens: most of them think a couple of "big cock" jokes is all it takes to be a performer. Linda, on the other hand, is witty, smart and talented. Funny how that works.)

If you weren't able to attend but would still like to make a donation to Sweetie's health fund -- I hear her bill was over $100,000 -- you can do so by clicking HERE.

With the girls of the evening, Sweetie

With the enchanting Cherry Jubilee

With the lovely and talented Linda Simpson and Sylvia London, star of "Bitches in the Sky"

Village Person Randy Jones meets Chelsea "boy" Kenneth Walsh

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