Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Page 1 Consider (04/27)

  • Blond Ambition: Meet Nick Ayers, the 27-year-old executive director of the Republican Governors Association. He's being hailed as "the bright young future of the Republican Party." But with his "runner's build," Jay Mohr fetish, "blond hair of a barbershop's model book," a near-miss DUI charge and ready admission that he "didn't really have sex for the first three years" of his marriage, I give it 18 months before he's caught "using the bathroom" at Mr. P's. (WaPo)

  • Dykeapolooza: Check out the Top 10 gay girl wishes for Lilith Fair 2010. (No 6. is my favorite: The Indigo Girls Teach Femmes How to Start a Campfire.) (SheWired)

  • Race for the 'Cure': California Assembly members have voted unanimously to repeal a law that calls for a so-called “gay cure." Assemblywoman Bonnie Lowenthal -- who introduced the bill -- called it offensive. “It was ludicrous then, it’s ludicrous now, it’s time to get rid of it permanently.” (CPR)

  • 'Dazed' and Confused: I don't know, "The Golden Girls" meets "Jersey Shore" set in retirement community in Arizona? I might not be able to resist WE television's "Sunset Daze," although I'm still not sure how my mom avoided being on it. (NYT)

  • The Dehumanization of LGBT-ers: Apparently one man's attempted (hate crime) murder is another's "juvenile prank." (Global Shift)

  • Happy Travels: Be sure to pick up the new issue of PASSPORT magazine -- you know, for the articles. (PASSPORT)

  • Follow-Up: Arrest and charges have been made in the Shannon Barry assault case up in Edmonton, Alberta. (QueerTwoCents)

  • New Agenda: Some great news out of Washington. The District's long-running gay weekly will resume publishing under its original name, the Washington Blade, at the end of this week, after the acquisition of the Blade's assets in bankruptcy court in Atlanta. Staffers have been keeping the 40-year-old publication alive as the DC Agenda while sorting out the legalities. (WaPo)

  • Jobs Search: Are all of you Apple cultists down with this bullshit move? (NYT)

  • Still Pretty in Pink: Brandon Voss has a fun interview with Brat Pack queen Molly Ringwald, in which she discusses her gay fans, Harvey Milk, the lack of gay characters in her '80s teen classics and John Hughes being a "big Republican." (Advocate)

  • Drama Queens: Terence McNally's "Corpus Christi" -- which has been banned by two different venues in Texas in recent weeks because of its controversial recasting of Jesus and his disciples as young gay men living in modern day Corpus Christi, Texas -- has finally found a home. (Cathedral of Hope)

  • Music Addiction: Fans of "Intervention" rejoice: the full version with lyrics of the famed "Five Steps" closing theme song can be heard HERE. (So THAT'S what they're saying!)

  • Party Pooper: Justin Robinette says he is leaving the Grand Old Party because he was impeached as chairman of Duke University's College Republicans because he is gay -- a claim school officials and the Log Cabin Republicans say is unsubstantiated. Good move, kid. But the real question here is WHY were you a member in the first place? (Advocate)

  • Book Marc: So happy to see that Marc Jacobs is "saving" the famed Biography Bookstore on Bleecker Street (one of my favorite haunts) and opening his own librairie in its place. (Gawker)

  • Sorry About That, Mr. DeMille: In small but significant numbers, filmmakers and casting executives are beginning to re-examine Hollywood’s attitude toward breast implants, Botox, collagen-injected lips and all manner of plastic surgery, turning instead to "natural looking actors from Australia and Britain because the amply endowed, freakishly young-looking crowd that shows up for auditions in Los Angeles suffers from too much sameness." (NYT)
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