Friday, March 12, 2010

Hey 19

Michael and I had a great time last night at the big party at Griffin for Major Model Management "It" boy Arthur Sales, who is the cover man and subject of 200 pages of fashion in the new L'Officiel Hommes. The Brazilian model is as sweet as he is handsome -- he photographs beautifully, but believe me when I saw he's even more adorable in person -- so here's wishing him all the success in the world (did I mention he's just 19?!). Saw a number of other familiar faces in the crowd, too. Highlights from the evening follow ...

The Man of the Evening: Arthur Sales (and he can dance!)

Big man Doug Porter with the ridiculously hot Cory Bond (get your full Cory fix HERE)

Brian Shimansky, whom I blogged about HERE.

Packing them in ... in the Meatpacking District

Paint by numbers

Mikey and me

Back field in motion

Boy-you-wish-were-next-door Doug Porter and Kyle Ledeboer, whom I blogged about HERE.

One for the road


Editor said...


"Big man Doug Porter with another ridiculously hot guy"

I believe the "another ridiculously hot guy" is none other than the very dreamy Cory Bond.

Looks like you and Mickael had a fun time.

Thanks for posting the pics... I wish I was there my friend!



Anonymous said...

The "ridiculously hot guy" looks like Cory Bond. His career is on fire right now (and rightly so).

S said...

They never look as good in real life as they do photoshopped. This I know is true.

Brian said...

"Big" man is right! I'd give my left arm to climb that mountain.

Anonymous said...

I think Doug's "cute pal" is Steve Gold.