Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Page 1 Consider (02/16)

  • The Bronze Age: Consummate underachiever Bode Miller surprises us with a medal -- and is as hot as ever. (NYT)

  • Good Riddance: Besides the loss of being able to admire his gorgeous chestnut hair, what does Evan Bayh's retirement mean for LGBT rights? (Bilerico Project)

  • Will & Graceless: Producers are said to be holding castings for a new reality show about a gay and his best hag. Was nothing learned from the whole James and Andra debacle of 2003? (Gawker)

  • Cop Out: Director Kevin Smith seems to like talking about getting kicked off a Southwest Airlines flight for being too big to fit in one seat and "breaking a toilet" almost as much as he likes making mediocre movies. (LA Times)

  • CK Ones: With Lee Pace, 30, Jared Leto, 38, Chace Crawford, 24, Ryan Phillippe, 35, Kellan Lutz, 24, and Mehcad Brooks,29, sitting in the front row of his show this week in Bryant Park, it's nice to see age has not slowed boy-crazy Calvin Klein down a bit. (WWD)

  • Paging Dr. Drew: Chynna Phillips' manager told People magazine that the singer checked herself into rehab for anxiety over the weekend, and then asked that people "respect her and her family's privacy at this time." Translation: No one would have known or cared that she checked in for treatment, but thinks calling it "rehab" will increase her chances for a People magazine cover, something she's DYING for because she's sick and tired of Mackenzie getting all of the attention. (Oh, and her church fart album that came out last year bombed.) (People)

  • Homosexual Hunt: Police in Malawi say they have arrested a man in what they describe as a sweep against homosexuals. The hunt, arrests and prosecution of homosexuals comes amid a growing local and international campaign for Malawi to "go easy" on gays and lesbians. (AP)

  • The Ugly Truth: Is that home-wrecker Madonna making a move on my man Gerard Butler? (Gossip Girls)

  • 'Gay' Games: To find out what the five most gay-friendly things about the 2010 Winter Olympics are, click HERE.

  • Total Dick Move: I don't have a problem with people changing their mind about something, especially when the evolution is logical and worthwhile. But fuck Dick Cheney and every other Republican who wants to use their suddenly "liberal" attitudes on gay marriage and ending "don't ask, don't tell" as a way of blasting President Obama, who actually has been trying to do something worthwhile. (NPR)

  • Confirmed Schoolgirl: I still have never watched "The Bachelor" (from what I hear, this year is the worst season EVER), but just writing that gives me an excuse to post this hot photo I found of Jake Pavelka. (NYDN)
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