Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Page 1 Consider (02/10)

  • Anarchy of Needs: I haven't seen anything this great since the U.S. Tennis Association updated its Web site so victims of Hurricane Katrina can find "the nearest tennis facility to your new location." (The Awl)

  • Losing Her Religion: I think it's sweet that Anne Hathaway ditched Catholicism after her brother came out of the closet. Still, it does seem kind of pointless to me. You see, if she really was a believer in it all then she wouldn't have been willing to give it up just like that (she would have been trying to get her brother to give up his sinning ways). But if she -- lost most people -- was really more into it for the rituals and feeling of community and security that church provides, then why not just be an a la carte Catholic like every other person is an a la carte (insert religion)? My sister JOINED the Catholic Church just because she wanted a "church wedding" and it didn't bother me at all. Hell, Michael claims to "be" a Catholic. Need I say more? (NYDN)

  • Capital Punishment: It's rare that Albany gets anything done -- let alone something great. But kudos to the state Senate for expelling Hiram Monserrate, whose disgusting self-serving politics only pale in comparison to his vile behavior toward his girlfriend, who has been beaten so far into submission that she (rather pathetically) still wants him back. (NYT)

  • Orange Crush: I don't know who I'm more jealous of in this Orange County hookup, hunky Mark Sanchez or sexy Kristin Cavallari. OK, I do (lucky bitch!). But they do make a hot couple. (Gatecrasher)

  • Immig Reform: Sixty members of Congress, led by U.S. Rep. Tammy Baldwin, D-Wis., have issued a letter calling on President Obama and congressional leaders to pass legislation to end discrimination against LGBT immigrant families. (SDGLN)

  • Fool's Erin: Some bad new for ESPN reporter Erin Andrews. The man who stalked and shot nude videos of her through a hotel room peephole videotaped 16 other women and ran background checks on 30 people, including female sports reporters and TV personalities, according to court documents. Having gone to such great lengths to make sure the entire world knew this happened to her, I'm sure she's crushed to find out she wasn't so special after all. (AP)

  • Ultimate Bloopers: Entertainment Weekly names television's 50 biggest bombs and blunders. (Coy and Vance Duke, David and Maddie doing "it" and Cousin Oliver all rank high!) (EW)

  • The Not-So-Good Old Days: Annoyed by how gays are portrayed on television? Then Dave White says you haven’t seen CBS Reports: The Homosexuals. (Advocate)

  • Service With a Smile: Meet Mr. Talent, who requires no shirt to walk your dog, be your personal assistant or chauffeur you around town. (OMG)
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