Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Very Mary-Kate

Having never seen an episode of "Full House" in my life, it took me about 10 years in New York City to figure out why NYU dropouts Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are treated by the tabloids like "celebrities" instead of the former child star punchlines they deserve to be. (Oh, wait. Scratch that. I still haven't figured it out.) Luckily for all of us, comedian Elaine Carroll is on to this scam too, and has started the Web series Very Mary-Kate: The Unofficial Biography of Mary-Kate Olsen. Having never heard the real Mary-Kate speak, I can't say for sure that her impersonation is any good (I'm getting more of a Drew Barrymore vibe, with a slightly less-twisted mouth). I can, however, vouch for the fact that it's pretty fucking hilarious. (You can follow Mary-Kate HERE.)


Brian said...

I think the public fascination has less to do with the former-child stars/Full House thing, and more to do with their Net Worth. They had really great management that basically built them an empire after Full-House. I think I read somewhere that their net worth is 100 million each? At any rate, they are among the most fiscally successful female entertainers (and at a very young age to boot), which led to a lot of interest in what they were doing as they moved into "adulthood." Now, we all seem to be collectively over them.

Jimmy said...

Brian is right. Those little trollettes managed to recognize the power of becoming a 'brand' in our culture. They have been very successful at making the transition from TV imps to business women.