Monday, January 11, 2010

Sour Note

As expected, "Glee" has been renewed for a second season by Fox. What I'm a little less enthusiastic about is that the show is going to be casting three new roles (ages 16 to 26) and will be taping the auditions and casting process to be chronicled in a multipart special that will air leading up to the return of the series’ second season this fall. The new cast members will then be revealed on the premiere episode. Part of the glory of "Glee" is the fantasy of it all. Must we ruin that and turn everything into a reality show?


Leo said...

I'm such a bad gay!! I've only seen a couple episodes but supposedly "our people" love this show. I'll try and pick up the series before season two starts and hopefully continue to hold on to my gay card! ;) peace

Brian said...

I actually think this is a smart move on Fox's part. Part of the reason they are on top and have stayed there is because of their creative use of summer programming.

Hardcore fans will tune in, the show will stay in the entertainment press, and awareness of the season 2 premiere will be high. Let's just hope they can keep the quality level as high as the first 13 episodes.