Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Onion, No Onion?

You be the judge:

New Taco Bell restaurant set to reopen on Stafford Drive in Princeton

By Greg Jordan

Dec. 29--PRINCETON — A new source of tacos and burritos may be opening this week in the heart of Mercer County.

Baring any unforeseen circumstances, a new Taco Bell restaurant could be opening along Stafford Drive in Princeton either today or Wednesday, said Jay Rutherford, president and owner of the Felton Company in Kentucky, which operates the location.

The opening was delayed when a major snowstorm came through southern West Virginia on Dec. 18, but the Taco Bell now has electricity. It is also stocked with supplies.

“We’re just going to open within the next couple of days, either Tuesday or Wednesday,” Rutherford said.

The previous Taco Bell at the Stafford Drive site was torn down to make way for the new restaurant.

“It’s a brand new building with totally new equipment, all new seating. We completely rebuilt the entire building,” Rutherford said. “It’s our latest edition of a Taco Bell building.”

Rutherford explained that his company decided to retain the Taco Bell site rather than move to a new location; it already had a good market.

“It’s a good location. We could have moved into other spots by Wal-Mart or the interstate, but we just felt that by being located in a central area near the hospital, schools, the courthouse area and residential areas, we were concentrating on local people in Princeton and people who come to work in Princeton. It’s a better location than just relying on the interstate location.”

The company has opened similiar Taco Bell restaurants in Beckley and in Marietta, but Princeton’s Taco Bell will have even more updates, he said. Between 35 to 40 people, 80 percent of them full-time, will work at the location.

(Via Bluefield Daily Telegraph, W.Va., really.)


Leo said...

UM, Kenneth? Why is this news, and why is this a post on your blog? Just curious, we all blog about content that is somewhat important to us...but I don't get the TB thing. I have a feeling this is an East Coast thing. ;) peace

Marc Lallanilla said...

Actually, Leonard, this is a journalism thing. The fact that this J-school hash made it into print is mind-altering.

We must acknowledge, however, the writer's masterful use of the semi-colon:

"... rather than move to a new location; it already had a good market."

Did it really?!? I simply MUST know more! What color of Formica will grace the tables of this fabled eatery? Will they offer the mouth-watering new Volcano Burrito Supreme? Please DON'T tell me they'll also have 6 different soft drinks available; I may soil myself with giddiness.

And they say journalism is a dying profession -- HA!

(Sorry -- it's the caffeine.)