Thursday, December 17, 2009

Next Stop? Crazy Town!

I'm not related to Joan Walsh of fame, but I love her more than most of the people to whom I am. She and her colleagues have no use for Time's Person of the Year, opting instead to come up with a far more useful list in America: The Year in Crazy! Glenn Beck was the obvious crazy in chief -- "we come down on the side of 'Get the nets!' An overview of Beck's career shows that his success is equal parts talent, timing, cruelty and crazy -- and Michele Bachman and Orly Taitz didn't surprise me, either. But it's the bottom seven -- including a has-been movie star turned sitcom star, a has-been sitcom star turned cancer "specialist" and a has-been sitcom star turned Jesus freak -- that really delight. See for yourself HERE.

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