Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Moore or Less?

Hips don't lie, or do they?

The news that Demi Moore denies that her cover photo was retouched by W magazine is old -- and laughable. (ALL magazine covers are retouched -- a lot. See: "Issue, The September" and that "hag" Sienna Miller, who is half Demi's age.)

But now that the photographer who insists Demi's left hip had been "clumsily removed" from the U.S. cover is claiming vindication because the Korea edition "fixed the hip that Demi, her lawyers, and W insisted wasn't edited," Really? Maybe I let my subscription to Highlights run out too soon, but (other than the darkness of her dress) is there anything different about these two photos? (It doesn't help my confusion that some accounts of the "controversy" say it was Moore's right hip in question.)

And then there's this:


kyree said...

Well, yes. Her left hip is significantly more indented on the left picture. Other than that... no. :)

Chuck said...

There seems to be a significant change in her left hip between the two pics (her left, right side of the image). The tell is the thickness of the dress.

Matthew said...

They did change the indented hip. Interesting. She's delusional anyway for thinking that is her face without retouching.

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

I guess there's a reason I'm not a photo editor (and wear bifocals): the two photos look exactly the same to me!

That said, is it really big enough for anyone to even care?

Kent Allard said...


Look at the space between her left hip and left forearm in each picture. For an interesting analysis of a Victoria's Secret image that was manipulated and the means of discerning that manipulation, go to http://www.hackerfactor.com/blog/index.php?/archives/322-Body-By-Victoria.html.