Friday, December 18, 2009

Dr. Look Good

You read about Madonna's alleged use of HGH here first in the (212), and now comes confirmation that one of her doctors -- who it turns out is not even licensed to practice medicine in the United States -- is under arrest for (you guessed it) giving performance-enhancing drugs (including HGH) to his patients. Tiger Woods was also one of his clients, and although I've never mentioned him on my blog, Michael noticed a HUGE change in the golfer's body quite a while back and has been screaming steroids ever since. (Hmm.)

I've gotten plenty of "hate" mail since blogging about my suspicions from people saying I'm wrong, I'm just jealous, I'm this and I'm that. But none of it phases me because I have no problem being jealous (which I am, who wouldn't want one of those bodies?!!!) so long as I'm also right. And sure enough, little by little my accusations have been supported, if only circumstantially. (As I've said before, getting someone to ADMIT that they used performance-enhancing drugs is next to impossible. Ever heard of Roger Clemens, ladies?) What my detractors fail to recognize is that just like professional sports, Hollywood is a HUGE industry with BILLIONS of dollars on the line. Do you really think they would cast Jake Gyllenhaal in "The Prince of Persia" or Hugh Jackman as Wolverwine and then just sit back and hope that lots of egg-white omelets and visits the gym would be ENOUGH? And do you really think Madonna isn't going to exploit whatever is available to make sure her body is fitter than Lady GaGa's? (For better or worse, she's proven she'll use whatever is available facially.) There's WAY TOO MUCH on the line to leave it to hard work, which more of than not is just not "good" enough. I've NEVER -- I repeat, NEVER -- said that people I've accused of using performance-enhancing drugs didn't work VERY HARD. Anyone who knows anything about working out knows it's mandatory. What I'm saying is hard work alone is not enough for 95 percent of the human population to be MLB or Hollywood ready -- and certainly not enough for a 50-year-old woman to be in the best shape of her life.


Marc Lallanilla said...

Steroids = high sex drive. Maybe that's why Tiger needed 43 mistresses. And why Madonna needs 1 Brazilian lad.

Matthew said...

You're right about 50-year-old women in the best shapes of their lives, and since you are one, you oughtta know! ;0)

Scotty said...

PLENTY of Hollywood people take performance-enhancing substances.

But many of these are anabolic steroids. HGH is not an anabolic steroid. That odd calf blood extract the Canadian doctor was peddling is not an anabolic steroid.

Anabolic steroids are essentially synthetic versions of testosterone, which among other things promotes faster muscle growth and recovery. Other substances like HGH do other things.

Also, a lot of the pushback on the prior post wasn't based on saying that some athletes and celebrities take performance enhancing substances. It was based on making accusations toward one person - not a celebrity - which may not be well-founded.

You can't just say that someone is on steroids because they've bulked up. Even if it's over 3-6 months - some people can just put muscle on quickly. Jake has a great body in Prince of Persia but a lot of guys under 30 can get that with just a good diet and a trainer (no steroids needed).

You can only really tell if someone is on steroids if they shw signs of unnatural muscular development, such as overly large traps or pronounced veins under the skin..

Anonymous said...

Best shape ever?
That mummy?

Anonymous said...

Ugh. Madonna looks some sort of medical "specimen". And she was so lovely and sensuous when she was young! I've no doubt she's fit but...ugh. Those ropey arm muscles! Like Popeye gone wrong.

Tiger Woods has always been one of the least sexy celebrities. The pumped arms and torso did seem to suddenly spring into existence. So, no real suprise if he's used steroids.

Richard Wall said...

You go right ahead and say anything. It's fine with me, of course.

Madonna's arms are not attractive, that's all.


John said...

I don't know how Madonna let her arms get like that! She had to see it coming, and it looks like the crypt keeper's. I have noticed she seems to be wearing long sleeves more since that photo came out. I still love her though...warts and all LMAO!

I know you know who said that! Valerie Cherish, of course!

Anonymous said...

Kenneth you are so spot on with this!! When I see some of these celebrities I really have to wonder (I mean - Taylor Lautener put on that much muscle for his latest film in a matter of months!!!! Not meaning to accuse him of anything but it is so suspect).

I could vomit looking at the Madonna pics. Reminds me of raw chicken.

As far as Tiger goes - his face is so unattractive that his body must have been bangin' (no pun intended)

Anonymous said...

She fucking 51 morons and she has works out, performs and eats no fat or processed foods! Get over it!! I'd like to see how beautiful and sexy most of u look when u turn 40.