Friday, November 20, 2009

Survival Instinct

While it sure feels like gay media is on its last legs, there was no sign of aging at INSTINCT magazine's Leading Men 2009 party downtown at Greenhouse, where editor in chief Mike Wood & Co. celebrated 12 years of success as they toasted "heroes in our community who stand up and stand out." From the busy red carpet (Ronnie Kroell and Scott Evans were spotted) to the roomful of well-deserving honorees (I got to meet Joe Jervis of Joe.My.God. fame, whom the mag calls "the not-so-average Joe"), it was a memorable night. (So glad Frank and Craig stopped by, and that the legendary Scooter and Christopher came along for a red carpet burn.) That the music was SO FUCKING LOUD you couldn't think (let alone talk), the staff was a bunch of surly chicks, and it was hotter than hell in the place and I still had a great time tells you that the party was really good (WHERE did all these new guys come from? Woof!). Oh, and fitness model/bartender Anton Antipov parading around with angel wings slapped on his back may have had something to do with my overall heavenly mood. Congrats to INSTINCT, and here's looking forward to the next dozen years. ...

I pray he's no angel

Frank and Craig



Frank Anthony Polito said...

Had a great time too... I'll add this to my collection of Muppet pics!

Anonymous said...

I know I shouldn't ask this but I can't help myself. I have been wondering for a while now if you get botox. Your face seems a bit paralyzed in your pics. No disrespect. You're to young to have had a stroke. :P lol

Craig Bentley said...

I love muppets!

Z said...

Gee! I missed a good party! So not me!!

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