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As per usual, I'm off to a late start AND pressed for time... For my final Project Runway post, I thought I'd do something a little different. (Why not?) The overall consensus at the Park Slope Party Pad was: this year's season was kind of lame. Maybe this post will be too! In light of that, I'm going to type up my notes, as is... If I can read my own handwriting. Enjoy!

Before I get started, I will say that Craig & I arrived a tad bit late to our own party, after joining Kenneth at the Instinct Magazine party (holiday? anniversary?) at Green-something in Soho. Had a nice time (free Skky vodka drinks and guys in Undegear and angel wings!), got to meet Instinct Editor-in-Chief, Mike Wood, and JoeMyGod's Joe, saw One Life to Live's Scott Evans (aka "Oliver Fish"), and former Runway contestant Suede (thought about inviting him to our Runway party but...) Of course Kenneth got recognized left and right. Sadly, no one seemed to notice Yours Truly. But I'm just an author! (Truthfully, I'm no good at all that, "Don't you know who I am?" BS. I always take cards with me, yet I never seem to pass them out.)

In attendance tonight: Dan (back from DC), Tim, Nick & Adam, and Jay

Okay, here goes! (Remember, these are my notes as is...)

Carol Hannah is still sick. "She should suck it up and stop bitching." -- Craig

Off to work room...

"Eyebrows like punctutation." -- Craig on Christopher

L'oreal Salon with Collier Strong. "Is that his porn name?" -- Tim

Model fittings, Tim Gunn arrives to check on 13th look. To Irina: "It's beautiful." To Althea: "A little '80s shoulder." [Note: I'm told that my referring to Althea as "Without Nipples" has really irked Dan all these weeks, so I won't do it again this time!]

"That's Althea!" -- Irina re: copying her makeup

Tim to CH: "Scattershot all over the place." "She's got bird flu" -- our Tim (or did CH start swine flu? -- me)

Back to work room...

Next day -- Day of Show, Y'all

"She looks like a horse." -- Craig on Irina's helmet
"What's with women and horses?" -- Jay


Day of Final Show...

Up early, off to Bryant Park

Irina's talking about herself (worried) -- surprise!

@ the tent --
Kalyn is not in hair and makeup -- Tim worried/concerned

Tim is about the lose it!

Re Heidi: "Why is she wearing Eddie Izzard's clothes?" -- Nick (hot pink pant suit)

*Althea -- Sci Fi
"Impractical." -- Tim
"What the fuck?" -- Dan
Nicolas is there -- dyed hair
"Jennifer Beales" -- Dan
"Really underwhelming." -- Dan
The audience is screaming (why?)

Little green dress

"Already more interesting." -- Dan
"Always has rope business." -- Tim
"Like a bottle brush." -- Frank on tutu
"These models suck." -- Jay
"Looks like my cousin who I'm convinced was born a man." -- Nick on Lisa

Baby bottle brush?

"Weird dominatrix." -- Nick
"All I see is black." -- Craig
"Looks like a fashion show." -- Adam
"A little Nazi." -- Tim
"She wins based on this?" -- Dan
"No one to root for?" -- Adam

Judging: Michael Kors, Nina & Sezy Menkes, Fashion Editor Int'l Herald Tribune
"What's with the curl?" -- all of us on Suzy's hair
"Wilma Filntstone on crack." -- Frank

Paris vacation is new.

Michael: "Warrior woman is not new character."
Heidi: "Looked finished."
Nina: "refreshing to see T shirts."
Michael: "Commendable" (all the work)
Nina: "Why so much black?" Gets little editorial. "We talked about it."

Nina: "loved 1st look/spirited"
Heidi: "loved Grecian goddess dress." (13th)
Suzy: comment on brush look "I noticed it."
Michael: "Connective thread was not cohesive."

Loved use of drapery and tailoring

Michael: "Bravo for sportswear!"
Nina: "loved dash of color (green dress)"
"We get it Nina!" -- Adam
Heidi: "liked shiney top with belt."
Suzy: "great knit wear -- not sure where futuristic."
Nina: "Too many notes on this collection."

Judges comments
*CH -- played w/color the most, good w/tailoring
*Althea -- Nina: "Sense of coolness... Connected to streets." ("Living in Dayton!" -- Adam)
Kors: "Plugged into streets."
Suzy: "great knitwear/sportswear designer ("Susan Boyle of fashion" -- Frank re: Suzy)
*Irina -- Michael: "Best sense of showmanship."
Nina: "Very intimate" (t-shirts)
"The gown throws it off." -- Kors

Final comments
Irina -- "disappointed in lack of color": Heidi
Althea -- "amazing ability to translate street to fashion, not convinced if futuristic." -- Heidi
CH -- "impressed with execution"
"played best with color"
"admired strength and energy"
"lacked connective thread"

[spoiler alert!]

1) CH -- Aut
2) Althea -- Aut
3) Irina -- Winner!

"Who cares?" -- Dan
"She had an emotional reaction!" -- Tim
"Boogs!" -- Dan
"Everything happens for a reason." Craig hates that saying.
"God hates you." -- Nick

That's all folks!

*FRANK ANTHONY POLITO is a Brooklyn-based writer, and author of the novels Band Fags! and Drama Queers!


Anonymous said...

Worst season ever.
Did you notice that there were no audience reactions or unique music selections as in the past.
Generic junk.

Bland, boring and dull as dishwater.

Try to find PR Australia or PR Canada with I-Man.
Both are well produced and don't suffer from over exposure and everything Heidi.

The move to la-la is proving to be a big mistake.

Rock in Sunny FL said...

Once again Project Runway has selected a winner whose garments won't sell to anyone. I understand this is a 'fashion show' not a 'department store gala', but Jesus H. Chriminy.......does anyone think Irina's clothes will even sell to the 'monied crowd' much less the general public?

I'm surprised no one commented that her line was nothing more than a variation on Christian Siriano's theme.

Yuck, yuck, yuck.

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe that girl won with those stupid Portuguese Man of War helmets! A ball gown with a hat?

Anonymous said...

The best designer ever to come out of PR was that red headed Laura girl. I also think she's had the most post-show success.