Monday, November 23, 2009

Monsters' Ball

Had a great time on Friday night at the Destroy All Monsters party in the basement at Live Fast, Cecilia Anton's fun boutique on the Lower East Side. While my pal Scooter LaForge -- looking pretty in pink -- dazzled attendees with his latest paintings and created one-of-a-kind T-shirts for friends and fans, the boys and the Amp & vodkas keep on flowing. Saw a few familiar faces and made a few new friends. All in all, just the kind of night you wish you'd have every time you go out.

Martin, me, Scooter and Rob

Cee Cee and Scooter

The legendary Michael Alago and (the equally legendary) Wayne

Mark, me and Ariel

Jo shows off her, um, new Madonna T-shirt, as Nicks N. Dimes and Scooter strike a pose

Mikey and Greg (who are essentially the same person)

Double Trouble: Russell and Sloan

Ryan and Barnaby

Two hot boys who came in the night, neither of whom beat leukemia

The legendary Christopher

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marQy said...

A photo cameo in your blog...what an honor! Yay! Great night, too!

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