Sunday, November 08, 2009

Good Going, Stranger

Kudos to Rep. Jim McDermott, Democrat of Washington, whose who proposed a change to same-sex health benefits so that we don't pay taxes straight people pay when adding spouses saying it would “correct a longstanding injustice, end a blatant inequity in the tax code and help make health care coverage more affordable for more Americans.” When I looked into putting Michael on my benefits recently and realized I would be taxed as income the "market value" of said benefits I was mortified. What hurt even more was when I told my mom about it and she said, "You mean there is a different set of laws for gay people and straight people?" (UM -- you think?!) I know she probably meant it more as a way of commiserating with me, but deep down I also knew -- even after 20some years of my being out -- she hasn't taken the time to look into the realities of having a gay child, probably more out of not wanting to think her beloved son is treated like a second-class citizen by the country she calls home than anything else. (She also insists all people in power -- Democrat or Republican -- are "equally" corrupt, never acknowledging that one's party platform is to destroy me while the other's is to build me up.) I also bought her "The Times of Harvey Milk" documentary a couple years ago and have yet to hear a word about it. Who's ready for the holidays? :-)


Anonymous said...

Hi Kenneth, It seems that my liberal mom has become more conservative as she ages; I think she and your mother might just find it easier to live in their "comfort" zones - without giving thought or examination to the actual different realities we gay sons face.
The holidays will be over before we know it - Hang in there! Shirtless spring will soon be here again....

Anonymous said...

I guess that's one good thing about CA. We may get taxed on everything else but pre-tax deductions for Domestic Partner benefits are treated the same as Spousal coverage as far as the State is concerned. The Federal still sucks though.