Sunday, October 18, 2009


Anyone care to explain why WCBS-TV thinks slideshows about openly gay celebrities, Jewish celebrities and dead celebrities are RELATED to a story about a 54-year-old pedophile convicted of abusing four young girls? (I get the "celebs who lean right" and the redheads connection.) I've got an idea: why doesn't cutie Chris Wragge agree to take me out for a drink and we can bury the hatchet on this whole ugly mess. You know, on behalf of the entire LGBT community.

UPDATE: Well, I didn't get a date with Chris Wragge. But it does appear WCBS-TV has corrected the "Related Slideshows" feature to not include anything too offensive. (All redheads are pedophiles, right?)

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marck11238 said...

Thank you for posting this. I wrote to WCBS letting them know this is a blatant example of why I wouldn't rely on them for actual news coverage.