Saturday, October 31, 2009

Reports of The Advocate's Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated?

Queerty is reporting that Regent/Here Media is folding the Advocate as a standalone publication and will turn it into a 32-page supplement in its lifestyle magazine, Out. The story has taken off (I've gotten numerous e-mails about it, and Andrew Sullivan is linking to the story), but my sources inside the magazine say it is not true:

"Queerty doesn't know what they're talking about," the source said. I'm told there will be changes as the brand is "expanded," but they "are different than what Queerty is saying."

There does seem to be a hint of hedging in that response, but then I remind myself that Queerty is the same blog that erroneously reported last summer that Advocate's editor in chief, Jon Barrett, had been fired and escorted from the building, so it's hard to put too much stock in what they're reporting here, although clearly something is up, as it is at virtually all media outlets.

For the official word on what is going on with The Advocate, read the response to David Hauslaib of Queerty from Stephen Macias, senior vice resident of Regent Media, after the jump. ----->


Anonymous said...

The Regent letter is a bunch of crap and defensive spin. The Advocate brand is "expanding"? Then why did it fire one-third of its staff or more? Blah, Blah, Blah.

James said...

"Defensive spin?" Well what do you expect the magazine to say. Could be the truth lies between the release and the Queerty article.

Hopefully the magazine can water these troubled media times.

Anonymous said...

"Sr. Vice Resident" about sums it up.