Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Music Box: Madonna

Although I hardly needed it, I gladly bought my copy of Madonna's just-released career retrospective, "Celebration," and love it. The new title song -- a rowdy club-friendly throwback to the '90s for which I take nearly full credit -- is an absolute winner. And finally owning the remastered, non-ragtime-piano version of "Into the Groove" is worth the price of admission. While the other tag-on, "Revolver," sounds (as my friend Dan put it) like a Britney Spears song (read: it sucks) and makes the other crappy (iTunes-only) bonus song, "It's So Cool," sound like a classic, you've got nearly 30 of the biggest hits of your life to enjoy (sorry, "American Life" and "Hard Candy"), so you'll barely notice that it's hardly batting a thousand in the bonus track department, like "Justify My Love" and "Rescue Me" did on "The Immaculate Collection."

Biggest quibble: I was expecting a thick booklet filled with rare photos and fascinating stories behind the songs -- like the lovingly reissued Saint Etienne catalog trickling out of the U.K. right now -- but instead found that the girth was because there's a poster of the album sleeve inside. What's confusing to me is that no one who would buy this album would be of the right age to actually want a poster, yet the writing on the liner notes (which disappointingly don't say anything new anyway) is so small, no one who would buy this album would be of the right age to actually SEE the tiny print.

Oh, well, I sill give it an "A." (It's all about the hits.)

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ibodan said...

Nicely said. :-) I've been listening to the discs all day and have just started watching the DVDs. I just got through the "Like A Virgin" years. What a walk down memory lane... said...

I agree, what a great hits collection and makes me feel so old having listened to Madonna since Everybody. :O)