Thursday, October 08, 2009

Losin' It

I've always had ambivalent feelings about lusting after a redneck high-school dropout. (Guys in their 30s have always been my thing, even when I was a teen.) But when Sarah Palin was in my face 24 hours a day, the mulleted Levi Johnston at least offered a fun change of pace -- and he was awfully cute to look at. But then came the mediocre photo layout in Vanity Fair and now his new ad for pistachios, and I started to realize something: he's not even that hot anymore -- and he's still a teenager. He may still turn it around -- I hear Levi is hitting the gym again to get ready for his "spread" in Playgirl. But I definitely get the sense that he's one of those straight guys who actually "peaks" in high school, then it's beer-drinking and sports-watching till you glory days are well behind you by 25. Just like the party that brought him to our attention, that's the antithesis of hot.


Frank Anthony Polito said...

I'm glad YOU said it, because I feel the exact same way. Sure, he cleaned up nicely and looked good in a suit...but I was not impressed with the shirtless shots I've seen so far. And if he's Playgirl-worthy, why's he gotta hit the gym? Seriously, why are we (read: the media) giving this guy so much attention (and $$) just for being a hick?

Jeffery said...

He's famous for being famous. Like so many pop figures.