Friday, October 23, 2009

Living Dolls

Well, Christmas shopping for yours truly just got a lot easier with Barbie's Ladies of the '80s collection, featuring Debbie Harry, Cyndi Lauper and Joan Jett. (What, no Chrissie Hynde?!) They totally got the famous dark-in-the-back Deb hair, but chickened out on shaving Cyndi's "punk" side. Joan's pretty good. As for the bodies, you know I love my Deb. But this doll's legs are longer than Blondie's are in real life! When Ronnie got her own doll on "Veronica's Closet," it still had a double chin, so what gives? Perhaps Deb cut a deal in an attempt to silence the "Bette Davis Eyes"-inspired song "Debbie Harry Thighs" once and for all.


Matthew said...

Debbie looks more like Teri Nunn.

nojarama said...

I want them all to add to my collection with my Cher & Cruella DeVil dolls! MY next picks would be Madonna (A few options, of course), Olivia Newton-John (I believe there is a Grease version of her already, but, I want a Xanadu one with roller-skates & leg-warmers) and of course, a Go-Go's, Bananarama (a Shakespears Sister set would be especially awesome) and Bangles set are also necessary! Then finish off with maybe Alison Goldfrapp (again, a few options), Gwen Stefani and Lady Ga Ga to round it off to the now.

ATLDisco said...

I agree she looks like terri nunn. Great, wild child, but not DH. :)