Monday, September 14, 2009

To the Little Fucker: Thanks for Nothing, the Waitstaff

I tell ya, you just can't win with some parents. If you smack their bratty 2-year-olds, you're a villain. But when you try to handle the situation more diplomatically, they're still not happy.


Scott said...

Kenneth - WTF is up with your overly bitchy comments about kids lately? Yes, crying children are annoying. But your quips about this and about the guy who hit some other person's child aren't funny or incisive.

Your comments really reinforce the stereotype of gays at bitchy queens who hate kids and are "anti-family." I'm probably not going to have kids either, and I get as aggravated about a crying kid to begin with, but I sympathize with how hard it can be to quiet an upset child.

And you know what, if I had a kid and she was called a little fucker at a restaurant I probably wouldn't go back either, free meal or not.

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

Lighten up, Scott. We also wouldn't want to reinforce the stereotype of gays as uptight prisses with no sense of humor :-)

(And your profile says you "follow" D-Listed!)