Friday, September 25, 2009

Teased and Blown

I got this "Grow Up to Be Gay" toy hairdresser kit pic in my e-mail yesterday. I'm assuming it's one of those funny gifts they sell at novelty shops because everyone knows real gay boys demand Barbie styling heads for Christmas to get their careers rolling. What good are the tools of the trade if there's no hair to try them out on? (Read about my other childhood gay toys HERE.)

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Unknown said...

Hi, Love the site first of all...Just clicked the link to your gayboy toys of yore....All I can say is thank God I had a sister, becuase without that Barbie head and her Holly Hobbie EZ Bake oven, I would have had no outlet for my own burgeoning gaynes. I am not a trekkie by any stretch, but I did have the "action figures" of Star Trek, along with the bridge of the enterprise. Very often my sister's Barbies and Charlie's Angels dolls would make guest appearances and kick ass. Also, once I learned what Klinger on MASH was trying to do with all of his cross dressing, my GI Joe was constantly raiding Barbie's closet trying for a Section 8.

Good times...

Keep up the good work!