Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Finally wandered back over to the Meatpacking District to try the new Standard Grill, the nearly 24-hour restaurant inside Andre Balazs' latest hotel. I've never had a bad meal at the 24/7 Restaurant in West Hollywood -- actually, let me rephrase that: I've always had meals I love at the 24/7! -- so my hopes were elevated for this, which may well have led to my feeling things were a bit substandard. Perhaps they're still in the ironing-out-the-glitches phase of operations, but they sure didn't seem to be expecting ... um ... customers. The place was packed (on an absolutely gorgeous Labor Day afternoon, go figure) and the employees were running around like they were stunned that anyone would actually show up. The hostess appeared to be feeling people out as to what answer they'd accept when they asked for a table. A 20-minute wait she told the couple in front of us. Michael walked up and firmly stated we wanted a table outside, even suggesting which one (several weren't taken). We were seated immediately.

From there, however, our poor server (Ian) seemed overwhelmed (the annoying pregnant woman wasn't helping) and my burger and fries were completely unremarkable (BLT Burger in the Village on 6th Avenue is WAY better). Michael liked his turkey club, although he got bored halfway through. (He did, however, LOVE the pickles!) The place is awfully cute -- the black picket fence lends a quaint touch -- so I'm hoping it was just an off day. Breakfast in WeHo is my fave, so maybe next time I'm over at the Highline, I'll be sure to get there earlier. I'm dying to see if they, too, make those to-die-for Eggsadillas!


Boomer said...

We ate there on Friday and I was also unimpressed in comparison top the WeHo food and service.

Anonymous said...

I do have to say you and michael get the cutest couple of manhattan award!