Saturday, September 26, 2009

Side of Nostalgia

This past spring marked the 30-year anniversary of my family's exit from suburban Detroit, yet I will always be a Michigander at heart. (Thankfully, minus the aaa-cent and endless bottles of pop.) For this reason, it still always warms my heart to read and hear about the places I grew around in the news, like THIS STORY about the Telway, a hamburger joint on 11 Mile and John R just a stone's throw away from my childhood home on Tawas in Madison Heights, where you can still get a slider for 85 cents. (Check out my brother Bill's Slider Tour of Metro Detroit -- which also includes Bray's, Bates and Greene's -- on Flickr HERE.) Feel-good stories like this are a welcome change from the usual gloom and doom out of the Motor City, like this week's Time "Special Report" that could have been written any time since the year I was born, when riots broke out in the summer of '67.


Frank Anthony Polito said...

Thanks for sharing this! You know, I grew up @ 10 Mile and John R, a mile away from The Telway and I've NEVER been. I pass by it all the time when I'm home. Maybe next visit I will stop. I've also NEVER been to Bray's in my own hometown of Hazeltucky, believe it or not!


30-year anniversary? That's redundant