Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Pink Triangle on Her Sleeve

The NYT reports: Chancellor Angela Merkel claimed victory in Germany’s national elections on Sunday, strengthening her hand at home and abroad as one of the longest-serving leaders among Europe’s major powers. And in a sign of social change in once-traditional Germany, Merkel, the country’s first female chancellor, is expected to be joined by its first openly gay vice chancellor and foreign minister, Guido Westerwelle, who shepherded his Free Democrats to their strongest showing ever.

Westerwelle (right) with his lover, Michael Mronz

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Basel-based Michael said...

Unfortunately being gay doesn't make you a good politician. The little opporunistic wh*re would sell his own grandma to get into the government. Then sendinghave the population into slavery to serve his parties clients. The social change will be not for the good. BTW, her predecessor in the conservative party made it way longer than her he was in power from 1982- 1998 (does chancellor Helmut Kohl ring a bell?). Hopefully she won't make it that long.