Thursday, September 24, 2009

Grand Old Party in His Pants

I normally don't support Republican candidates for anything -- especially to fill the late-great Teddy Kennedy's Senate seat. But Republic state Sen. Scott Brown -- who posed nude for Cosmopolitan back in 1982 -- has me re-evaluating my voting values ... (Source)


J. Clarence said...

He's definitely a RILF.

I'm glad that he was comfortable with his body to pose. It goes to show that not all Republicans and reincarnations of the Puritans.

It is also great that he isn't backing away from it (a lot).

I wish liberals would not give him such hell for it.

WranglerMan said...

Brown is not a complete Right Wing Nut. From his campaign site, he appears more moderate. On same-sex marriage, though he tows the usual line about believing in marriage only between a man and a woman, he supports states deciding through a popular vote or through their elected representatives. Though I believe that as a civil rights' issue, the ultimate decision should not be left to popular referendums, it is somewhat hopeful that Brown is willing to leave it to legislatures.

Much as I abhor how we have been demonized, I do not wish to demonize some who appear to be willing to listen to us as a community.