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In keeping with more traditional "recaps," I've decided to pull out the stops and give you all the STOP reading if you haven't seen last night's Project Runway yet.

The Park Slope viewing party was pretty lame... Just me and Craig, sitting on the couch with our post-workout protein shakes (Whey -- yum!) Our housemate, Dan, is away, so Tim, Jay, and Jason were nowhere to be seen. Perhaps they read last week's recap and didn't like being (mis)quoted?

Tonight's challenge was to create a "chic" look for a preggers Rebecca Romijn, who I adored as David Spade's g/f back in the day on Just Shoot Me. Though personally, I preferred it when she had the "Stamos" hyphenated to her moniker. And speaking of... What is up with that last name?! How the hell does she get "Romaine" out of what clearly is "Rom-ijn"? Which I usually refer to as "Rom-jin." To tell the truth, I don't even know who she's married to now... Nor do I care... I think. (I'm resisting the urge to google it right now!)

Each designer received $100 to complete their look, which Rebecca said she wanted to be form fitting, to help show off her curves. I gotta say, her face is a little fatter, but she looked pretty good for being knocked up with twins. Not sure how far along Ms. Romijn-Whatever is, but Ra'mon guessed her to be in her "early second semester."

After a bit of sketching, and a quick 30 minute trip to Mood, the designer headed back to the work room to create their designs. The highlight of the evening belonged to Malvin, which he dubbed "The Mother Hen." I don't know what this poor guy was thinking! Talk about "conceptual." He got it into his head that he'd treat Rebecca's pregnant belly like it's an egg, wrapped in a bird's nest, and even incorporated feathers into his design. At one point, he told Tim Gunn he was going to make the legs look like "chicken thighs." Tim strongly advised him against this. (Can you guess who was "out"?)

Louise, who we didn't see much of last week, created a very nice negligee-type ensemble, in a cranberry color, with hand-dyed lace. Craig and I were both impressed. She made the Top 3.

Ra'mon came up with a purply number that looked kind of cool, though the overall consensus was "bowling ball bag." He found himself in the Bottom 3.

And what of hottie(?) Christopher? I can't recall what his design looked like, but Craig and I both agreed that we hate his beard! (The one on his face.) I thought "it looks like a chin strap," and Craig said, "He looks Amish... Or like a Whoo from Dr. Suess."

Filling in for Michael Kors was guest judge Monique Lhuillier (anyone?), along with Nina Garcia, Rebecca Romijn-Whatever and of course, Heidi Klum, who reminded the designers that all the judges have been pregnant... Which might explain what happened to Michael Coors!

Craig and my personal faves belonged to Shirin and Irina, but only Shirin made the Top 3, along with Louise, and "without nipples" -- I mean, Althea!

Bottom Boys -- I mean, Bottom 3 -- went to Ra'mon, Malvin, and Mitchell, who "just squeaked by," Heidi reminded him, after she auf weidersehened Malvin. Poor guy! He made himself feel better by determining he's "too conceptual for America." (If you took careful note in the background, you would have seen Whoo-boy Christopher crying again! Okay, first the hats, now the crying... Hello, Ricky #2!)

Tonight's winner was Shirin!

I had planned on showing you hers and all the other Top and Bottom designs, but Lifetime has made it such that the pics you download from their site are super teeny-tiny. So if you want to see all of tonight's designs, go here.

Project Runway airs Thursday nights at 10pm ET on Lifetime TV.

*FRANK ANTHONY POLITO is a Brooklyn-based writer, and author of the novels Band Fags! and Drama Queers!


Craig said...

Christopher's beard is hot.

marQy said...

Check out Monique's website: Great Filipina designer!

dkm said...

No sweat getting larger images with Firefox. Right-click on the page, click the Page Info tab, then the Media tap. Click on a file name, then scroll down and keep an eye on the images. When you get to the one you want, click Save As, pick a location, and you're done.

Anonymous said...

Actually Romijn is dutch it's pronounced more like Romain than Rom-ijn. Ij is pronounced like ein (like in Heinz).