Thursday, August 06, 2009

Page 1 Consider (08/06)

  • Fromme Date: Would-be Ford assassin Squeaky Fromme is set to be paroled on Aug. 16. Fromme never even fired at Jerry, but Sarah Jane Moore, who did, was already released. I guess Squeaky's friendship with Charles Manson was never looked upon fondly by the parole board. (NYT)

  • Setting the Record Straight: On Wednesday, the American Psychological Association officially declared gay therapy "so gay." (AP)

  • Deadly Intentions: The AP is reporting that gym psycho George Sodini's low blog traffic is to blame for Tuesday night's massacre. Speaking of which, according to his online diary, he actually had a date on May 18. My friend Mary said that he "if he had just date-raped that woman maybe none of this would have happened. (I love my friends.) And in another bizarre twist, in his final hours Sodini added to his site the name of Lee Ann Valdiserri, a woman who he says "had my baby in early 1991." She appears to have died five years ago.

  • LGB and T Ready: Sen. Jeff Merkley, D-Ore., introduced the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) in the U.S. Senate on Wednesday. It marked the first time that a transgender-inclusive version of the bill has been introduced in the Senate. An inclusive version of ENDA was introduced in the House in June. (Instant Tea)

  • Virtual Education: A new online high school targeting LGBT students, believed to be the first of its kind, plans to launch in January 2010. (How soon before Manhunt starts sponsoring its prom?) (Advocate)

  • Cruz Control: Who could resist having Javier Bardem's baby? (Bricks and Stones)

  • Wants to Be a Knockout: Rob Newbiggin, a British boxer, has decided to undergo a sex change operation to become a woman. (IB Times)

  • Friendster: The brother of the man who murdered transgender woman Angie Zapata has set up a MySpace page for his behind-bars sibling so people can get to know "the real" Allen Andrade. (And big surprise -- it's Zapata's fault she got murdered -- and it was only ONE mistake.) “People THINK that they know my brother based on the ONE mistake that he made last year. Well, you don't. See, he's a BROTHER, SON, uncle, nephew, grandson, cousin, and friend. He's never denied his identity as a straight male. NEVER. My brother loves WOMEN ... the kind GOD makes with vaginas, fallopian tubes, uteruses, periods." (Enough with the anatomy lesson, freak.) (Autumn Sandeen)

  • Sour 'Milk': Screenwriter Dustin Lance Black is suing Starzlife, the Web site that published pictures of the Academy Award winning ass getting nailed by an ex-boyfriend, for $3 million in damages. Black is also suing the person who leaked the photos. (Bilerico Project)

  • MP 90069: Move over, Matt Fielding, there's a new gay moving into "Melrose Place." And about the only thing Doug Savant has in common with sexy Victor Webster is that they both need oxygen to survive. (OMG Blog!)

    Frank Anthony Polito said...

    Am I the only one who remembers the "scandal" with Victor what's his name (the new Melrose gay) placing the escort ad in H/X or Next or some bar mag somewhere? This was like early 2000s. I believe he claimed it wasn't him, but that some other guy used his picture. Why isn't mention of this popping up anywhere?

    richard said...

    A new online high school targeting LGBT students, believed to be the first of its kind, plans to launch in January 2010. (How soon before Manhunt starts sponsoring its prom?)

    **** funny. yet, in this day and age, something beyond digital seems the norm -- yet, much of this was eons ago, no wonder it's a matter of constantly stifling yawns.

    thank you.