Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Def and Dumb

If Mariah Carey's record label thinks sticking a bunch of advertisements inside the booklet of a CD that as far as I can tell no one is really excited about in the first place is the solution to rapidly dwindling profits on music, then they deserve to have sales be down 13.9 from last year at this time. Aren't the NINE hours of commercials before movies bad enough? (Full article HERE.)

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Anonymous said...

I'm pretty excited for Mariah's album... i agree advertisement in CD's is too much but i'm sure some fool will fall victim and make it worth their while.

BUT! say what you will about Mariah and her celebrity (she's an acquired taste), she is still the biggest selling female singer of all time and her albums still do good (by todays standards) vs. some other people in her league who really arent even relevant anymore (i.e. Madonna, Celine)