Tuesday, August 04, 2009

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Is this really blog worthy? I might actually prefer one of your(boring) walks down memory lane. How about 1994 today? ALL comments must be approved by you? What a pussy!

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Posted by Anonymous to kenneth in the (212) at 9:28 PM


Mark from NYC said...

File under Kenneths-in-glass-houses-shouldn't-throw-stones-at-Koji's:

Hot Wheels: Ever wonder way (did you mean 'what'?) gay and lesbian car guys want? (You just know a Volkswagen's involved) (Baltimore Sun)

TV Watch: Get ready for a much small(er)Emmy show. (NYT)

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

Thanks for the catches! Every writer needs an editor. I don't have one -- but you should definitely get one if you're having a sign made!!!!

John said...

I thought you took down that cowardly ability to comment anonymously! F**k them, if they can't leave some kind of name. And for the record, I enjoy your walks down memory lane!

Anonymous said...

It's really sad how the commenter-of-the-day was forced to go to your blog. Then someone forced them to click on the Illiteracy Smorgasbord story and post a comment. I'm sure the whole experience was very traumatic for them.


Anonymous said...

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