Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wednesday Headlights

  • Rex Appeal: Frank catches up with Simon Rex in a hotel room eating candy and finds out the art of seducing Lance Bass. (OMG! Blog)

  • Fuzzy Math: If 59 is the new 30, then how old am I? (Thomas Friedman)

  • (End of) Summer Reading: My pal Johnny Diaz's new book, "Beantown Cubans," is now out! (Beantown Cuban)

  • Oh, Canada! Frank Dancevic sure looked hot in his retro Bjorn Borg Fila. (Tennis Served Fresh)

  • Paging Mr. Belding: I'm so into this "Saved by the Bell" reunion stuff. (Bricks and Stones)

  • Putting It Bluntly: Hugh Dancy is so sexy, he makes having Asperberg's syndrome seem hot. (NYT)

  • All You Can Eat: I loved "Eating Out" but thought its sequel kinda blew (and not in a good way). But with Rick D'Agostino starring in "Eating Out 3" (see his hot ass HERE), I may just have to return for another helping. (BoyCulture)

  • Upward Mobility: Shouldn't Kay Bailey Hutchison be in jail? (WaPo)

  • MOv8.3: The Manhattan Offender is BACK!

  • Oh, Baby! Channing Tatum knows how to dirty dance. (Towleroad)
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