Thursday, November 20, 2008

Morning Wood: Rick D'Agostino

These are by my pal Scott Ashton. 


Jerry said...

Oh please, Mr. D'Agostino...move closer to me!! :)

Anonymous said...

Well - I'm loving LA but NYC is next on the someday ;0)

Anonymous said...

And he hath spoken! Kenneth, I'm always shocked (in a good way) to open up my blog reader and see some hot, hot, HOT times of people I know! LOL :D


mike said...

loved the video you did with Ben Roman for the video 'otra vez'. The two of you were very sexy. Good luck in your future with your career.

Anton said...

Hello Rick! I really have to tell you that I think you are absolutely gorgeous man!! You look extremely hot and sexy! Really nice man!!
If you have any other social network like Instagram or any other, I will appriciate if you let me know!! Be great man!! Regards!

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