Thursday, July 09, 2009

Thursday Ad Watch

Cutting women down to size since 1904

Talk about a self-esteem booster! Still, there were WAY FEWER fatties back then ... (Thanks, Kandy!)


Anonymous said...

I love it. And how nice that everything is priced the same as "regular sizes" even though they have to use acres of fabric for the fat little mongrels.

James said...

And what qualified as "chubby" back then was much different than the grand-scale obesity we see on the streets and in the food courts these days. Women were "plump" or, if they wanted to flatter themselves, "voluptuous," but there were certainly not many who were so overweight they had to cruise around on little scooters or take up two seats on an airplane or in a movie theater. Wow, what a jarring blast from the past.