Friday, July 17, 2009

'Real' or No 'Real'?

This new Bravo-inspired Web series called "The Real Houseboys of West Hollywood" is either the most brilliant parody of gay life of all time ("We met at a Victoria Beckham jeans signing" -- even Dennis Hensley couldn't write something this hilarious!!!) or the saddest documentary of the most ridiculous people to ever walk the earth. That I'm not sure which probably says more about the state of "entertainment" in America than anything. But if this is in fact the comedy genius of someone, a tip of my hat to you. Great stuff. (And Dylan, you STEAL the show!) And if not, well, god help us all.


Meet Geo

Meet Dylan

Meet Jamison


real confused said...

I don't know. It is puzzling -- over the top cliche characters but seem real in the interviews -- if it is a parody it's a really good one -- or if it's real, equally good in a amateur kind of way.

So I don't know -- but it is something. ... I think.

I am going to wait for the first full episode to decide.

Matthew said...

I'm good at detecting this stuff, so if this is actually a parody (as opposed to a real show with everyone in it playing themselves to the hilt), I applaud them. They come off as idiots, but real ones.

Will the anti-BRUNO crowd be screaming about this?

Din't THINK so. [snap]

Laura said...

As a former producer on "Deal or No Deal" AND a HUGE fan of these boys, all that really matters in my opinion is whether or not they're entertaining.

E Dot said...

It looks really entertaining. I agree, this looks like an elaborate parody made up of homolicious/brilliant fakes. They're obviously performing for the camera. That being said, it's so fun to watch.

I can't wait to see more.

Travis said...

crazy how I had not read your blog today Ken, and I happen to stumble on this today as well. freaky!

Anyway hilarious!

Ethan said...

Parody or not, it's just plain fun. Wonder who's behind the whole idea.