Thursday, July 09, 2009

Page 1 Consider (07/09)

  • Call Waiting: If Colin Farrell and Kiefer Sutherland are thinking of filming a sequel to "Phone Booth"(!), they'd better do it fast. There are now just four of 'em left here in the city, and they're all along West End Avenue. (Scouting NY via Joe)

  • DOMA Challenged: The Massachusetts attorney general, Martha Coakley, sued the federal government Wednesday to overturn a section of the law denying federal benefits to spouses in same-sex marriages. (AP)

  • Tone Deaf: The New York Times tennis blog breaks down how on earth Dinara Safina can still be No. 1 on the WTA computer, despite Serena Williams' winning three of four Grand Slam titles to her winning, um, none. It was a great idea for an article, even if the writer gets the numbers far better than he gets Serena's sarcasm. (Straight Sets)

  • No Laughing Matter: "30 Rock" will be repeated in syndication on Comedy Central beginning in 2011, the companies announced Tuesday. I wonder if they will digitally enhance the humor. (ArtsBeat)

  • Hollywood and Pine: I wish I were in L.A. this week, because it sounds like there are a lot of great films at this year's Outfest. The two that caught my eye most are "Dare," about an unlikely triangle between a guy, a girl and her just-coming-out male best friend, starring Zach Gilford of "Friday Night Lights," and "Prodigal Sons" a documentary about three sons -- one gay, one transitioning into a woman and one -- who was adopted -- who has never completely regained his mental capacities after a terrible car accident, and in the search for his true identity discovers he is the grandson of Orson Welles and Rita Hayworth. (Advocate)

  • Anything Goes: If you thought American tabloids were bad, wait'll see what Rupert Murdoch's rags have been up to on the other side of the pond. (NYT)

  • DL No More: Terrell Carter, the talented singer and actor who starred in a number of Tyler Perry's "Madea" productions, has been outed by an ex-lover, making him the second black male celebrity outed in the last two weeks. (RodOnline)

  • Mass Exodus: I'm a homo, get me out of here! (Bilerico Project)

  • Charing Cross Buns: I've had a crush on John Barrowman ever since I saw him on the short-lived "Central Park West," but OMG Blog! has a picture of a part of his body I've never seen on network television HERE. (adult)

  • Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough: My blogger pals Trent (Pink Is the New Blog) and David (Queerty) attended the Michael Jackson Memorial at the Staples Center. Read their firsthand account HERE.
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