Sunday, June 28, 2009

Stonewall Revisited?

Got a tip from a reader about a disturbing incident that went down at a new gay bar in Fort Worth, Texas, on Friday night. A patron says said he was at the Rainbow Lounge when the police arrived with “a paddy wagon … looking for trouble.” Eyewitness accounts say the cops came in and started arrested people for no apparent reason. An employee said that although he saw no one resisting the police, the officers were quite rough in the way they handled people, and that he saw several people shoved rather violently to the ground and handcuffed (with the plastic zip-tie handcuffs). The patron said: “It felt so very Stonewall, but without the standing up for ourselves.”

I have no idea if there's more to the story or not, but a protest has already been planned at the Rainbow Lounge at 5 p.m. CST today. Then there will be a protest outside the Tarrant County Courthouse in downtown Fort Worth at 7 p.m. Rainbow Lounge is located at 615 S. Jennings. The courthouse is on Weatherford at Main Street. Get more details HERE.


christopher said...

One of the victims it was just reported is in ICU here. very sad and infuriating that this can happen in 2009. lots of prayers going out for the victim.

dewayne said...

I live in Fort Worth and attended both rallies yesterday. Pure outrage is the only sentiment that prevails locally. The police claim that they were groped. Come on! We are gay-not stupid! You honestly think that someone is dumb enough the make advances on a policeman who is arresting people? Believe me, we do know how to behave in public.