Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Page 1 Consider (06/30)

  • Kinky Business: The staff at the Stranger thinks the reason religious right is constantly trying to make the gay rights movement about gay sex is because they're jealous that "we're having a blast, and it's killing them." They're kidding, but I'll bet they're kind of right, too. (The Stranger)

  • Happy Ending: A teenage lesbian couple in the South Bronx was voted "best couple" in their high school yearbook. (Feministing)

  • Family: Here's a look at Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick with their new twins, Marion and Tabitha, plus son, James. (AP)

  • Sex, Lies and Videotape: A man who was one of former Sen. John Edwards’ closest aides has a deal to write a book claiming that Edwards said he “would be taken care of for life” in return for falsely claiming he was the father of the baby carried by Edwards’ mistress, Rielle Hunter. The juicy book proposal also claims there is a sex tape involved the former Dem Golden Boy, something I would certainly be willing to pay download for free off the Internet. Oh, but don't feel bad for the long-suffering Elizabeth Edwards. She got back at the former aide by telling everyone he'd stolen her late son's baseball card collection ... oh, and ratting him out for stealing that sign from a biker bar when he was a teen. (NYDN)

  • Creation Nation: In this northern Kentucky museum, paleontology and Creationism meet but don’t mesh. (Science Times)

  • Only in the Panhandle State: An incendiary one-hour special that claims gay people are attempting to subvert and convert America aired Saturday afternoon on an NBC affiliate in Tampa, Fla. (Queerty)

  • Just a Brief Thought: If Tom Parker were a regular on "Mental," they'd have a new viewer right now. (SuperheroFan)

  • Ain't No Big Deal: Does it really count as a "big deal" if Madonna got her new house (in the slums of the Upper East Side) at a 28 percent discount? (NYT)

  • Best. Hed. Ever: Infomercials lack starpower after Billy Mays death (Reuters)

  • Crime of Hate: The Family Research Council's smear campaign against Department of Education appointee Kevin Jennings is their most blatant display of fear mongering since Gary Bauer's face. (Advocate)

  • Gays of Our Lives: What is up with all of these homophobic soap opera stars? (Advocate)

  • Mother and Child Reunion: A judge in California has granted Redmond O'Neal a compassion pass so he can attend the funeral of his mom, Farrah Fawcett, this afternoon in Los Angeles. This doesn't affect me in the slightest, yet it makes me feel less sad knowing that Farrah would have been happy he was there. (People)

  • Spread Eagle: It's nice to see that Ashton Kutcher is finally doing what he was born to do: porn. (OMG Blog)
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