Friday, May 08, 2009

Morning Wood: Tomas Skoloudik

Meet Tomas, a sporty 24-year-old from the Czech Republic. Unfortunately for us, the modeling world got to him before Bel Ami Productions could, but if International Jock has anything to say about it, we'll be seeing lots of Tomas for years to come. (He just moved to Hollywood, boys!)

A bunch more photos AFTER THE JUMP. ----->


Jerry said...

Oh that's good...that's VERY GOOD!

Raul said...

Actually, this guy has done porn and by the same name even.

Feel free to not approve this comment as this is merely an f.y.i.

Anonymous said...

Pretty Tomas has been exposed all around the internet for some time now. He's beautiful, but too BelAmi twink for moi. In a few years, when he gets some hair on his balls, hell be really hot.