Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Change of Heart

OK, it's official: I'm now against gay marriage. Why the change of heart, you ask? Well, a friend pointed me to THIS compelling piece in The Weekly Standard that FINALLY explains why it is just so destructive to society. You see, legal gay marriage will lead to all girls becoming child-prostitutes. Why, you ask? Because the real purpose of marriage is to give girls something to save their virginity for, but since we gays don't care about protecting girls' virginity that's why we're OK with "destroying" the sacred institution. Makes sense to me. Get out your notebook, Michael Steele. And see you on the Sunday talk shows!


Anonymous said...

Oh WOW... I knew it had to be something simple like that! Suddenly I feel compelled to protect female virginity... DOWN WITH GAY MARRIAGE!
Now what do we do with male virginity???
Kevin in the 585

Chuck Baum said...

the grand OLD party has to use the Insane Clown Posse, look at the monkey, scapegoat du jour because how else could they trick poor, uneducated people into being okay with their actual goal of redistributing all the wealth to CEOs and the richest of the rich. It used to be African Americans, before that, Jews, and before that Italians, etc., etc.

Just hold the shiny object in front of them to distract their attention and use the opportunity to usher in policies that make them poorer and poorer. No health care, no education, terror alert red. Keep 'em sick, dumb, and scared, and they'll never question you. If only the British monarchy had been so foxy we'd still be a colony.

David in Houston said...

Just finished reading that pile of nonsense. I don't know what else to say. It was so stupid and irrelevant, I'm at a loss to argue any of his points.

Unknown said...

Wow. I'm truly speechless. Has this guy even left the house in 50 years to talk to *anyone*?! Gay or straight?!

Jake said...

Man -- I've been listening to the wrong bigots. Because I've been against marriage equality ever since I learned that gay marriage will take away the stigma of adultery, thereby single-handedly destroying a gawd-ordained sacred institution that has been the bedrock foundation of society since Mary and Joseph rode to church on their dinosaurs.