Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Foul Ball

The Times reports that Matt McCarthy's salacious tell-all about life in the minor leagues,"Odd Man Out: A Year on the Mound With a Minor League Misfit," is yet another fake memoir. (Sports Illustrated recently ran an excerpt of it HERE. This one is particularly upsetting, though. Because everyone knows baseball is all about honesty and integrity.) On the bright side, I see an all-star softball team coming together with McCarthy pitching; James Frey on 1st; Janet Cooke on 2nd; Margaret B. Jones on 3rd (or maybe catcher, she's awfully butch), and fabulist Stephen Glass, Ruth Shalit and faux Holocaust romantic Herman Rosenblat in the outfield (his girl could bring him hot dogs near the fence). Oh, and let's not forget Jayson Blair, as The Shortstop.

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