Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thursday Ad Watch

If wearing a brand I haven't thought of since 1987 can make me look like this, then I GUESS I'll consider it

I wonder if Jonathan Rhys Meyer smells as good as he looks

A bearded hunk for Tommy Hilfiger is almost as good as '90s supermodel Mark Vanderloo for DKNY
"Battlestar Galactica" hunk Jamie Bamber bares all for bears in the latest ad for PETA

Very hot in -- and halfway out -- of Perry Ellis

Australian underwear and sportswear brand, teamm8, continues to up the ante. See what I mean HERE.

Justus Boyz is torso-riffic; this other ad is hot, but I don't think "masculine" underwear accurately describes grown men wit ho bods in Underoos

Rafael Nadal brings us the sweet smell of success

This week's eye-catching advertisements

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    Anonymous said...

    Isn't that bearded guy in Tommy Hilfiger ad from Lost?

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