Thursday, February 26, 2009


What gay doesn't love him some Anderson Cooper? But if he's gonna stay silent about his sexuality and then get into a war of words with a Village People look-alike pol from the Bronx, he might want to refrain from invoking the M-word.

The silver fox CNN host ridiculed veteran Bronx Rep. Eliot Engel on Tuesday night for staking out a choice aisle seat 12-1/2 hours in advance for President Obama's address to Congress.

Anderson hissed: "It's like waiting for, like, Madonna tickets or something. It was ... kind of pathetic." (Like, SNAP!!!)

Engel, a perennial early arrival for presidential speeches to Congress who has a beard to match that 'stache, lashed back.

"What's really pathetic is that Anderson Cooper apparently doesn't share my enthusiasm for participating in such a historic and wonderful celebration of American democracy," the 10-term congressman told the Daily News. "I am sorry he is so jaded."

I can hardly wait for the 360 retort. Nobody calls a queen jaded and expects to come away from it unscathed ...


Jerry said...

Anderson looks hot in that green shirt!! Those guns are illegal!!

libhom said...

I thought queens were supposed to be jaded.

John said...

I saw that on 360...,made me raise my eyebrows LOL...sometimes Coopie does get caught off guard!

And you know I love Coopie...but then, I didn't have the "pleasure(?)" of working out at the same gym as he did, AHEM!

Marc Lallanilla said...

After reading this story, I came across the following quote in the world's best magazine, The Week: "Rudeness is the weak man's imitation of strength." (Eric Hoffer) Hmmm -- maybe a little something for all us "jaded queens" to think about.