Thursday, February 26, 2009

Baby Got Back

Thursday Styles has a lengthy article about how fashion designers are changing the way they cut trousers to accommodate men with worked-out asses (blah, blah, blah). But as you can see, a picture is worth a thousand words (and an equal number of squats). See 'em all HERE.

UPDATE: It seems baby got FRONT, too.


Anonymous said...

That hot piece is Aaron O'Connell - he is a cutie!!!

Unknown said...

...give me a heads up when they do an article on making my 40+ tired ol' flat ass look great again-----

S said...

For a non-fitness model, he does have a rather big ass.

Anonymous said...

about time - I'm tired of trying to fit into those slim - slim trousers or those low cut jeans. A while back I worked for a major retail company that rhymes with lap. Many of the product developers were of asian heritage and many of the fit models were very slim. As a result, I couldn't fit my average butt into the pants or buy a shirt that was my size that also fit me in the arms and shoulders.

Anonymous said...

You know, the ass is usually not the first thing I care about - not that I mind it either. Lately, that's changed. And this spread certainly hasn't hurt my interest.

Nope. Not at all.

Wish the pants were cheaper though.

Anonymous said...

I like from the neck up.

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