Thursday, January 29, 2009

Throw Me a Curve Break!

On the heels of my Singular Adventures of the Go-Go's post, I received a copy of the Delphines album I was missing and got news that Belinda Carlisle is the new spokesperson for NutriSystem. "Cosmic Thing" is great -- and the choice of America's onetime "chubby" sweetheart seems just perfect. (You KNOW people my age are in charge of the world when Valerie Bertinelli, Marie Osmond and Belinda Carlisle are being hired for jobs!!!!) That said, you gotta give Belinda props for her shameless vanity through it all. Despite the fact that she's hawking a weight-loss program, she's completely thin and gorgeous in her BEFORE picture so had to find a shot where her knit top is slightly bunched up in the middle to stand in for the "gut." (Come on, Babe: I was at that show and you looked fab!) Can you imagine someone being so vain to use THAT as a "fat" pic? HONESTLY!


Anonymous said...

Oh, God, the idols have fallen so hard..."I've always wanted to look just like Marie Osmond..." NOOOO.

shane said...

She was on our Atlantis cruise in 07 and she looked AWESOME!

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