Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sunday Worship: Matthew Morrison

Here's hunky Matthew Morrison as Lt. Joseph Cable, in the Broadway revival of "South Pacific," Rodgers and Hammerstein's iconic musical about the lives of U.S. military men, nurses and the residents of the Polynesian island they occupy during World War II. (Credit)


Anonymous said...

Thank you for creating a 'blog about living in Manhattan (so I didn't have to)... but the day before yesterday, I finally moved here from Rhode Island. I can still read your website, right?

Haha, thanks for the continued entertainment (and eye candy),

Ultra Dave said...

Yummy! makes me wanna move to there.

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

Tommy --
Of course you can still read. But more importantly, welcome to New York!


Timmy said...

I would NEVER wash THAT man out of my hair!

Jerry said...

love those "low-rider" pants...yowza!

Just read on the Lincoln Center website that Morrison will be leaving the cast on January 4th. He'll be starring in a new FOX series called, "Glee." Supposedly this show will be in the genre of High School Musical. Hottie Matt will play a Spanish teacher who leads the glee club. I'm setting my DVR! Also, he has a girlfriend. :( See story:

Richard Wall said...

"Younger than springtime and gayer than laughter"...I love it. My college bud Mike Yeargan designed those sets. He's no fool!! Now, did he design those pants??? Ha!

Peter Chan said...

When he sings, it kind of melts me a little on the inside... hehe

I can't wait to see him on that new TV show next year, he's playing a high school glee club teacher. yum.

Jerry said...

I'm hoping he will be a "topless" Spanish teacher or have a "shirtless" glee club on that new show. (A boy can hope, can't he?)