Saturday, December 27, 2008

Quote of the Day

Not-so-sweet Caroline

“Have you guys ever thought about writing for, like, a woman’s magazine or something? I thought you were the crack political team.” -- Caroline Kennedy, after being asked by reporters this morning to describe the moment she decided to seek the Senate seat.

Knowing that she probably stands for most of the things her famous relatives did AND is in favor of same-sex marriage, I was warming to the idea of Caroline Kennedy as my new senator. But if she's already THIS cranky a week or two into the political process, something tells me this isn't going to be a smooth ride. And you thought Hillary got in hot water with her "staying home and baking cookies" comment. (Does this mean Ms. Kennedy wouldn't go on that "woman's show Oprah?")


Anonymous said...

She gets asked a basic, fundamental, obvious question and responds with sneers and derision? Doesn't sound like a remotely deserving person to me.

Anonymous said...

and like all the kennedy women, she does not age well.

Matthew said...

I actually liked that derisive comment because the question WAS very women's-mag fluffy. Also, she aged great—she's over 50 and quite handsome...she was never a beauty queen.

But I'm a little distressed that she hasn't voted in primaries and is not quick with answers that show a passionate agenda. I can see both sides to the Caroline the idea, but in reality, I would not feel she wuz robbed if Paterson went with another.

Joey said...

Kenneth : That self-hating Irish thing of yours is rearing its head again.