Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Cause Celebre?

I don't know if these wire photos are representative or not, but it doesn't look like many of the biggest stars came out for the Elton John AIDS Foundation Benefit last night at Cipriani Wall Street, here in New York City. Although one singer looked like she's well on her way to becoming one of the biggest stars in the world (did she eat the Pips?) ...

Elton John and Aretha Franklin Gladys Knight
Elton and hubby civil partner David Furnish with Anderson Cooper
Kenneth Cole and Elton
David and Elton with Tim Allen and Jane Hajduk

UPDATE: Apparently Elton John can't shut his trap about how civil unions are "good enough" for the gays. Do we need all most old people to die before we can get some justice in this world or what?


Anonymous said...

Now, now, Kenneth. You shouldn't talk about Aretha or Gladys not being Beyonce slim when Elton is not exactly . . . skinny. It's a double standard to call female divas on their 'roundness' but not the male divas as well.

Jimmy said...

I think Gladys looks great. She's always had big arms. I see no double chin. I love Areatha, but she couldn't wear that dress on one of her legs.

Anonymous said...

C'mon. I think Gladys looks pretty good. But I had no idea that Elton was such a shorty!!

Danny in WeHo said...

Tim Allen??? I thought that was Fred Schnieder!! (By the way Fred, I saw your Funplex video... just Be 52)

Anonymous said...

You'd better fix your label of Elton John and his "hubby". He made a statement last night that the gays should give up the fight for marriage because civil unions are just at good and then went on to say somewhat proudly that he isn't married, he is in a civil union. I think I read it on towleroad earlier.

I guess when you're as rich and "happy" as he is, it's easy to forget the struggle that us lesser folks have to endure.


Anonymous said...

What's wrong with Elton in these pics? He's looks terrible! Old and ragged.

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