Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wedding Bell Blues

Caitlin Macrae's piece on the passing of Proposition 8 is definitely worth a look. While she laments its passing and places the blame squarely on the old coots, she puts it in perspective and still finds cause for optimism:

(T)hough change has been the watchword of recent months, we sometimes forget that with change comes an inevitable backlash from those who fear becoming displaced in society. Still, Prop 8 is on the losing side of history. The sex-panic button regularly gets hit in response to social change, racial tension, economic instability and foreign wars. The majority gets majorly freaked out when other people win the rights that they already enjoy, as though rights are finite and should be stockpiled like so many cans of beans in case of nuclear fallout. These regressions are frustrating and hurtful, but a study of history can put them in perspective.

Read the article HERE.

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