Friday, October 10, 2008

Fabulous by Nature

File this under "Nurture or Nature": I had no interest in watching "Jon and Kate Plus 8" -- that show on TLC about the couple with two 6-year-olds and six 2-year-olds -- until my brother weighed in about a certain little fella with an eye on style:

It's pretty entertaining in its way. You'll love this: One of the male sextuplets, Joel, when the show described each kid's personality, was said to be the first one who noticed when Mom or any baby-sitter had a new hairdo, and the one who loved playing dress-up the most. On another episode the kids got to tour a fire engine. "The boys loved it. Except Joel, of course." Hmm ... And they're 2 or 3 years old! I'm pretty sure the family is too churchy to understand, though

Joel with sister Leah

I immediately wanted to know more about my new pint-size hero so did a quick Internet search and found a video of Joel having one-on-one time with Daddy. It was the only thing I was able to dig up, and what's the first thing Dad has to say about his little boy? "Him and Colin do not get along at all for some reason. He (Joel) knows every button to push on all of his brothers and sisters." A toddler who pushes people's button???? Sounds like my kinda of kid! Looks like Mom and Dad have got a real diva-in-training on their hands ... love it!!!!!!!!


Chad said...

I sadly have to admit that I watch "J&K+8"... you know me and reality TV shows! And Colin has quickly become my favorite boy. You know me and the butch ones. I always thought Aaden would end up the queer one. He seems so nerdy and shy... sounded like a recipe for an outcast. But I'll have to take a closer look at Joel... he was completely off my (gay)radar. You also might get a kick out of older sis Maddie. She's a total brat and a bitch. Then again, she might get on your nerves.

Travis said...

I also watch it, I am not sure why but I somewhat enjoy it. Well hopefully Jon and Kate will be open minded since they are somewhat young.