Thursday, October 30, 2008

Another 'Comeback'?

Woody Allen + Wendy Liebman = Fiona Wallice

Has anyone seen Lisa Kudrow's new online series, "Web Therapy"? While I'm still deeply bitter over the cancellation of "The Comeback," this new character she's created -- Fiona Wallice, "an obtuse, incompetent and confrontational therapist" -- does sound promising. Each episode takes place in a "three-minute therapy"session (Fiona's preferred technique -- the 50-minute style brings up "too many feelings") with a client. The first three are with Richard (Tim Bagley, who played Larry on "Will & Grace") with whom we quickly learn our married shrink has some type of inappropriate past. (Later episodes are with other clients.) Don Roos (who guided Kudrow brilliantly in "The Opposite of Sex" and "Happy Endings") directs and is the co-created and co-writer of the series. Fifteen episodes have been completed and a bunch of them are online already. I will tell you, the first two episodes didn't do much for me. But as was the case with "The Comeback," once you get to know the characters a little the show takes on a new dimension, and by Episode 3 I was kinda dying. You can check 'em out HERE.

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